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The technical data for this game is encouraging, with a high hit frequency and a good design and features that stay true to the subject. The creators also note that it has an extremely high volatility level. Find out why NoLimity City is emphasizing the significant volatility of this game.

Methods I used to Evaluate My Mental Capacity

I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty and give this online slot machine from NoLimit City a test spin because of its unique premise. When assessing a slot machine, we take a number of factors into account. I reviewed Mental in this way to make sure it meets your most critical criteria:

The return to player (RTP) and volatility of the game you are considering playing are excellent places to start.

Taking part in the game is crucial. Some review sites may only be looking at technical data and advertised features without actually playing the game.

The likelihood that a player will become invested in and keep playing a game depends critically on how effectively it was created. Thematic elements in a slot machine have the potential to grab a player’s attention right away. The visuals and layout are something I will think about.

I consider both the minimum and maximum bets in a game to make sure that everyone who wants to play can.

Playing the game might help you figure out the meaning of each sign, but I think it’s better to know going in. This recap will help you understand those icons before you play.

Get your mind game on with the top reward

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Selectable betting limits and an automatic game mode

For a single spin on Mental, you may wager as little as £0.20 up to a maximum of £70. While that sum covers the smallest possible wager, big rollers may want to increase it to £100 or more.


If a slot machine is worth playing online, the RTP should be higher than 96%. At 96.07%, this one is almost dead on.


The volatility of a slot machine is a measure of how likely it is that a player will lose their wager. The high volatility of this game means that wins are few but often pay off handsomely. The ‘extreme’ label given to this game has been specifically emphasized by NoLimit City to emphasize its unpredictability.

Hits per minute

The hit frequency of a slot machine is a measure of how frequently it pays out, regardless of the size of the payment. Usually, this ranges from 20% to 30%, making this one unusually high at 34.19 %.

Maximum success

The maximum payout is 66,666 times the initial wager. Later in the review, I’ll take a look at how to get there.

The entry barrier to Mental is low, yet it is highly volatile.

The game’s technological specs look fantastic. Although the return to player percentage is below average for an online slot machine, the increased hit frequency and higher volatility make up for it.

In-Game Functions

Slot machines made by NoLimit City are known for their high level of complexity and extensive features. The mind is no different. Check out our detailed explanation of the game’s functions.


Hazardous Picture Collages

The fire frames feature can randomly occur on any spin, causing anywhere from one to thirteen reels to be consumed in flames and break apart, each showing two symbols instead of one.

Extensive Patient Morbidity

If you get two or more “dead patients” in a single spin, you’ll win a multiplier of some unknown quantity. The multiplier could be 5, 10, 15, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1,000 times the original amount. Activating the maximum payout requires this functionality.

Cellular Boosters

At the very bottom of Reels 2 and 4, you’ll see cells with a fraction of four and a fraction of six, respectively. They are inactive for the duration of the spin until the player generates four or six fire frames. The enhancer on Reel 2 is triggered by a count of four, and that on Reel 4 is triggered by a count of six fire frames. A patient symbol, a deceased patient symbol, or a wild card will be shown once activated. Three of a kind of a matching symbol can also substitute for it, as can a split symbol (one on each reel) or a nudged wild. If you acquire more than one xNudge Wild, the multipliers from each will be put together.

Bonus Spins with Extras

When a predetermined number of scorpion and spider symbols line up, the free spins bonus round begins. During the bonus spins round, three separate features become active. These items are:


When three scorpion symbols appear, the autopsy bonus is activated and eight free spins are awarded. As with the fire frames effect, this causes up to five fire frames to become devoured by frames and split in two. However, they stick around for the duration of the spins mode in this situation. When a scorpion is framed in fire, you get one extra turn.


If you manage to land three scorpions and one spider symbol, a special mode will activate. In this mode, all autopsy features are always on, including with the sticky spider symbols and nine free spins with additional for fire frame triggers.


If you get three scorpions and two spiders on the same spin, a bonus round will begin. It unlocks 10 bonus spins along with Autopsy and Lobotomy’s full complement of bonuses. You get to take use of their benefits as well as the fact that Dead Patient Multipliers do not decrease. With a bonus multiplier of 9,999, you’d have enough money to play for more than 10 spins.

Features found in NoLimit City games are present in Mental.

This game lives up to the burgeoning games provider’s reputation for robust offerings. I really like the Enhancer cells and how the free spin levels keep improving. Although this online slot’s extensive list of features may seem intimidating at first, players soon discover how much fun they are.

The horrific aesthetic of Mental is a deliberate attempt by NoLimit City to disturb players.

The game’s grid displays well-designed symbols depicting stereotypical patients at a mental asylum, including one set to undergo electroshock therapy, which immediately gives you the creeps. Various other icons feature antiquated depictions of the human brain and heart. It takes place in what appears to be the bowels of a dilapidated mental institution. The music was the only other factor that gave me chills. No other horror films come to mind, and it definitely doesn’t have a horror movie vibe.

Possible answers to problems encountered while playing

If you lose progress in a game and then reload the page or the game, you can pick up where you left off. Your bet will be refunded if you have a winning streak that ends prematurely.


Among the slot machines I’ve tried, I believe this one could cause the most debate. The complex elements that are standard in NoLimit City games are only as fun as the player makes them. I think they’re a great selling factor, but maybe you’d rather play a slot machine with fewer complicated features. However, there are other aspects that could spark debate as well. Some people’s preferences won’t be met by the topic.

In my opinion, it succeeds on many levels. It is attractive because of the technical information it contains and because of the way it is laid out. Only time will tell if the tremendous volatility causes frustration or yields large profits.

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